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Bill Carman


  1. Fishwalkers Off the Port Side
    11x14 inches

  2. Honey Hazard
    8x10 inches
    Acrylic/graphite on hand made watercolor paper

  3. Free Cats
    9x12 inches

I walked into a local Stinker gas station and convenience store. Upon taking my purchases to the counter a young clerk remarked, “Dude, your head is perfectly round.” Pause, my reply: “Uh, thank you?” One would think that in such a perfectly round dome ideas and images might be orbiting neatly, ripe for the plucking. Nothing could be further from the truth. If my head were opened it would be quite messy. A lot goes in there and if I did not let it out, occasionally an eye would pop out. Though my work can be meticulous in its execution my mind scribbles, jumps, spins, and spits. There is rarely more than an itch when I begin. Surface will speak to me and things emerge as unknown yet familiar characters, odd forms, and unbalancing juxtapositions. Some pieces divulge narratives as I paint, some stare back and challenge. Hopefully those who look at my work will be touched in that mad place that lies in the corner of all brains.