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Astri Snodgrass

Assistant Professor of Drawing and Painting
Instagram: @astrijohanna

  1. The Shadow of Itself
    Spray paint and fabric dye on muslin
    70 x 48 in
    Photo by Eric Bower

  2. Woven Drawing (1)
    Mercerized cotton
    14.5 x 12 in
    Photo by Eric Bower

  3. The Way the Light Reflects (1)
    Ink and gouache on sewn kozo paper
    65 x 48 in
    Photo by Eric Bower

I work across media, looking through the lens of one medium into another. My training and background are in drawing and painting, but here I'm searching for what weaving can tell me about painting, or sewing can teach me about sculpture, or how matter can lead me to poetry. Ultimately, I treat the act of translation, from one medium to another, as generative.